Oporto BizTalk Innovation Day will take place in Casa do Infante (14th March 2013 – Oporto, Portugal)

We’re still finalizing some of the arrangements (site and registration process), but today me and the team behind the preparation of this event, we visited the event location for the first time… and I can say that besides being extremely well located is a place full of history and culture - Oporto BizTalk Innovation Day will take place in Casa do Infante - Oporto, Portugal on Thursday 14 March, 2013. Located in the heart of Porto's UNESCO Heritage Site, Casa do Infante was the birthplace of Henry the Navigator, the man chiefly responsible for Portugal's age of exploration. Today the building is open to the public and has occasional temporary exhibitions.

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Originally built in 1325 as a customs house and residence for visiting royal officials, a mint was added in the 16th century. Henry the Navigator was born here in 1677 and it remained a customs house until the 19th century, when a new larger building was constructed on the riverside.



When the registration site will be online and how many seats will be available?
Again, we’re still finalizing the site of the event and registration process, however it should be available next Friday, February 14th. Due to capacity constraints of the room, the number of entries will be limited to 80 attendees.

Call to Action: Add the dates to your calendar now! If you want more information about the event you can send me an email: obid2013@devscope.net