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Nino Crudele



Exist many kind of requests in a BizTalk solution, troubleshooting, assessment and architecture review.

With BizTalk Server is possible to develop the same solution in many different ways, some of these are the best other no.

Make an assessment or solve a problem quickly implies a good and long experience in many types of solutions and situations in the field and there are many different technologies in order to be considered.

There are many aspects to be considered and many things to inspect in order.

The objectives are many for example:

  • Troubleshooting strategies to solve a problem quickly
  • How to make good performance tests
  • Provide the best practices around possible issues
  • Pinpoint possible bottlenecks to improve the quality of software
  • Code review
  • Provide best practices for maintaining a BizTalk environment to obtain stability and availability of the platform that will host BizTalk applications.
In this case the experience in field is all, during this session examine the best way to make a BizTalk assessment and architecture review. This includes troubleshooting in the field, how to organize good documentation (for all BizTalk aspects, as message flow, channels, transformation, technologies stack, infrastructure, network, adapters, disks, connections, configurations and databases) as well as the correct indicators for the whole BizTalk environment).